Doctors need a better paging system.

 "I work in the healthcare industry as a radiologist. 

A painful problem that I face is getting a hold of clinicians. I often need to get a hold of a clinician to tell them about an important finding on the imaging examination for their patient. Unfortunately, the current system of pagers is not satisfactory.

I would like a software program that allows me to send out secure texts to their cellphone with a read receipt so that I know that they have gotten the information. I could text it to their phone, give the medical record number and name of the patient, and receive a time stamp of when they looked at my text. I would need a separate program that would record the time stamp and it would need to be completely secure to comply with HIPAA.

I would definitely pay for this software. It would save me so much time. It would save millions of dollars a year just at my institution. We need to get rid of pagers, they are so out of date."

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over 5 years ago

have you tried telegram or whatsapp?


over 5 years ago

I can't believe they are still using pager..


over 5 years ago

Hi, I am software developer with 10+ years experience. It is quite interesting project for me. Let me know if we can have a Skype call on it. Regards