Painting, drywall and construction business needs organized financial records and receipts on a per job basis

"We own a painting/drywall/general construction business.

A painful problem we face daily is keeping organized records/receipts/financial details on a per job basis that are easily accessible. This tends to be difficult with multiple jobs going at once. It would be extremely helpful to have some sort of software (a phone app that backs up to a computer program preferably) that keeps a list of current jobs that when selected would bring up an easily navigated grouping of details that could be easily edited and/or referenced. Things like receipt entries (to keep track of job specific material expenditures), job notes, mileage, labor hours, invoicing, customer information, etc.

We would absolutely pay for something like this. We currently pay $100 a year for Invoice to Go (solely an invoicing app), which has been amazing but doesn't offer the rest of the features we really need/want. For something that offers everything in one spot we would easily pay $200 a year. This would be a huge step in the right direction for anyone in the construction business because multiple jobs going at once is pretty common and along with those jobs come plenty of details to keep track of."

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over 5 years ago

pretty interesting in this. I am a developer. is there anyway I can contact this person to get more detail??