College campus mail room need to track letters and packages

"I run a mail room for a college campus.

We have to manually keep track of letters and packages because a relevant software has not been found for a college campus of our size.

The software would have to help keep an organized file of packages, tracking numbers, student names, dates, emails and phone numbers.

I would pay $1500 for this software, and possible a yearly maintenance fee of $500."


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12 months ago

Judging by the description, this software can be implemented in a very neat way in a week or two (at max). I would love to receive more details and start working! I also feel like $1500 is too much for this kind of task. I would love to work on it even for a smaller payment.


over 1 year ago

Excel spreadsheets and locally stored databases aren't the way to go, you need something like a Laravel app hosted in the cloud. This is the kind of thing I could make, but it really seems like the kind of thing that would already exist, given the amount of college campuses, businesses and organisations that need to manage their internal mail? Have you tried other products that just don't seem to fit? Or have you not tried anything else, you've based your decision on their spec sheets?


over 1 year ago

I would be very interested in developing this mail tracking software for you. It looks like it can be done using an internal database, and then having some sort of data-entry option to add a new package, and then storing a database file locally. How would I be able to contact you?


9 months ago

Have you looked into Notifii ( They have something specifically for university mailrooms.


over 1 year ago

This would be simple to setup. For that price the interface would be very limited. It would produce a file that you could easily view using excel or some other spreadsheet program. How can I contact you? Feel free to refer to my website which is in my bio, it includes a way to contact me.