Fine artist want integrated software suite to help run business

"I am a Fine Artist (Painter), Illustrator, and Designer.

The challenges I face at work are cataloging work by size; medium; price retail/wholesale; provenance; location; previously exhibited (location, show, etc), type - illustration job; commissioned piece for a private client or business; work that is loaned out and details; details of other freelance jobs; pending payments; studio inventory for tax purposes; gallery submissions and status; shows/exhibitions; cataloging images of work for specific needs (websites, promotionals, etc)

There is no specific software that specifically handles these needs. In this day and age, creatives have to multifaceted. You have to be able to do a various number of things in order to maintain a living, especially when what you create is essentially a luxury item. It's a constant struggle to manage all the things that I have to do to make a living. If there was something that could manage all these things for me, it might help others who are in similar fields. I find I have to be really adaptive since "art" is one of those things everyone seems to love, but few understand what it takes to get it done and all the grunt work behind the scenes.

I would be willing to pay a couple hundred dollars to buy software that could manage all of this information for me in one place. Right now, I use several different programs that aren't integrated to get things done. I would rather pay one lump sum than do a subscription program if that was option."


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