Non profit has trouble establishing consistent reporting processes among program coordinators

"I work in the Nonprofit industry.

A challenge that we face at work is establishing consistent reporting processes among program coordinators.

The software I need is a single use, attractive, web-integrated platform that allows for clients to register for a program/appointment; notifies the coordinator via email of a pending client for them to reach out/confirm; allows for follow-up to the record if necessary/permits attendance to be kept for a program meeting; drops client contact/donor identity information into central database; permits executive director to seamlessly pull consistently laid out executive reports for analysis. Ideally other types of nonprofit management tools would also be part of this software package - event/ticketing/sales apps, donor or grant management, employee/board management, etc. Many affordable options for small nonprofits/businesses are ala carte, requiring multiple types of software and training to achieve a truly mobile or intuitive office. 

If the product was truly a one-stop shop for nonprofits we would pay between $3,000-$5,000 for an annual contract."


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21 days ago

If you can get in contact with me to give me some more details, I'd be interested in developing this.


11 days ago

Check out Flipcause ( - I think they've already built most what you need