Non profit needs software to help with member and volunteer recruitment

"I work for a non-profit professional association.

We have constant problems with member and volunteer recruitment; this seems to be a thing for all associations.

We need software that can help identify potential members... maybe based on web search results - find all psychologists within radius, in cities, etc.? Then compare to existing member lists, possibly with potential to capture other demographic info on potential members to help formulate a recruitment campaign. If I'm dreaming big, it would capture all member interaction on social media, email campaigns, etc. This would differ from existing membership software because it would capture member data from before the join to see what they respond to so associations can meet their needs earlier instead of having lag time or people not joining for unknown reasons (the few non-joiners that respond to surveys are rarely a representative sample).

We'd pay. Small associations budgets are often tight, but similar less awesome products go for $10k. $2-12k might be reasonable depending on scale and features."


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  • Upvote this opp and I'll reach out to people in this industry to see if there is widespread demand.



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4 months ago

These guys look like they have what you need. No connection apart from using the same software building tool


over 1 year ago

I'm currently developing software for mass search of candidates on LinkendIn, if you are interested in taking part in beta testing - write to me


over 1 year ago

Looks like someone is building this -