Trucking company needs to log fuel data

"I work in Local Trucking and Construction

I work in an industry that has local class B CDL trucks that commute within 100 miles each day. In order to fulfill IFTA requirements, we have to log trip reports that document each trip, starting and ending location, the mileage of each trip and which state the mileage was allocated to. At this point, each driver is required to log this manually into an excel spreadsheet at the end of the day. This often times is not completed by the driver and even if it is complete, it is not very accurately done. Along with the trip reports, drivers are required to turn in fuel receipts that coordinate with the trip report.

If there was software that would automatically log the data for the trip reports and allow for fuel receipt to be scanned into the system to tie everything together, it would make it so easy for us to file accurate and complete fuel reports. If it was possible to put this all into each individual truck, this would be an outstanding product. Currently, there is no solution like this. There are electronic log books for OTR trucks, but no IFTA trip/fuel reporting software.

We would be willing to pay $5,000 - $10,000 for this if it worked well."

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about 5 years ago

We're a small software and hardware engineering company with automotive experience developing a new telemetry product. This may be a valid use case.


almost 5 years ago

Question: do most of the drivers carry smartphones? (eg. iphone/android) Seems like they could just take a picture of the Odometer and have it geotagged (the GPS coordinate embedded in the image file). Then you know the mileage, time picture was taken, & location of each trip start/end from the GPS. Additionally, they could just take a picture of the fuel receipts and you would get similar information. You wouldn't need too much of a fancy app, just a place for them to send the photos (could be via text/sms/email/web form upload), and a tool that extracted out the data from the images, which is fairly easy for most developers. Get in touch if this sounds like it would work.


over 5 years ago

Hi, I am software developer with 10+ years experience. It is quite interesting project for me. Let me know if we can have a Skype call on it. Regards


about 5 years ago

I'd be very interested in brainstorming with someone about this as well.