Instructor wants software to evaluate student essays

 "I work in education as an instructor.

One time consuming task that we face as instructors is to evaluate student essays. Manual evaluation quickly becomes unfeasible for a large number of student essays.

If assessment of student essays could be done by software, then it would be very useful. This software would assess: the quality of the essay, the relevance of the essay to the topic, the extent of material written or arguments presented, the correct spelling and grammar used and the overall score assigned to the essay, which should be comparable to the score assigned by a trained and experienced human evaluator.

I would be wiling to pay up-to $100 per license for this software, provided that it is of a good quality."

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We'll launch a landing page for the idea, and then email 100 prospective customers in the industry.

Then we'll send you the results!


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  • Upvote this opp and I'll reach out to people in this industry to see if there is widespread demand.



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over 5 years ago

I'm pretty sure this already exists but I dont't know the names of the platforms. Has OP searched around for this?


over 5 years ago

This is an interesting problem.I have worked on text analysis and machine learning for the past 3 years and am programming since 8 years.I would love to get in touch and discuss. ,


over 5 years ago

I find this problem very interesting! A few questions: - how are essays submitted by students? on paper, or electronic form? would electronic submission ok? (it would remove text recognition problems) - can you be more specific/precise about the assessment criteria? - can you provide a sample subject + student copy + manual assessment, so that I can better understand how you actually assess?


about 5 years ago

Have you visited It does most of what you are asking already and for free.