Image editor needs software that filters out images by size or pixelation.

 "I'm an image editor.

I often have to sift through pixelated photos and reject them or work with them to make them conform to certain photography standards. This often means going through photos one by one and sorting them into two categories for editing--one that is unusable/pixelated and one that can be batch edited.

Instead of going through photos one by one to determine if they are usable or not, it would be great if there was a software detection program that could weed out images that are too small or pixelated. The software could sort images, perhaps into two folders, based on parameters such as image size, pixelation level, etc.

My company would pay for this software because they would see this as a time-saving mechanism. Considering image editors like me must sift through thousands of photos per day, utilizing software to cut down what we must check would be, in the end, a time saver. Time is money. Therefore, this program would help them save money."

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about 5 years ago

I have some background in image processing, at first glance your task looks doable. How can I contact you?