Individual with nerve damage needs voice activated program that still allows him to be recognized as a human worker.

"I work in telecommunications, and run my own private business from my home.

I face the problem of severe nerve damage in both of my arms, slowing my work progress throughout the day.

I would like a program that could be strictly voice activated, including filling out questionnaires and surveys, while still being recognized as a human worker using an automated program. This would greatly increase my work flow, and many other peoples as well, I am sure.

I would pay anywhere from $50-$150, depending on accuracy of the software."

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over 5 years ago

> recognized as a human worker using an automated program can you describe how one would be recognized as a human worker? Further toward that end, can you describe other products that you have tried which haven't met your needs? It would really help to understand their feature gap when applied to your problem