Auto workshop needs customer messaging and work management software

"So, first of all I'm a small business owner. Specifically, I own a mechanical workshop.

I've been at this business for over 25 years and the problem that always persists is the same: the information and management of my clientele. It is a custom of mine to update my customers every day with a picture of the progress we've made with their car, and every day I find it more and more difficult to organize these photos with the appropriate contact that every customer has given me.

So, I would like if there was a way that I could assign the car plate of every car with each customer and when I send the picture a software could automatically tell (from the picture) the car plate and send the update automatically. Also, I'd love if there was pre-made worksheet where I check the boxes of the services I've completed on the car and there could be an instant notification (to my cell or mail) that reminded me of the services that are still due and how many days there are until the deadline.

Would I pay for it? Definitely. But, I would't be spending millions on it either. I'd say that for a service like this, I would pay maybe $50 a month."

Want to get this idea off the ground?

We'll launch a landing page for the idea, and then email 100 prospective customers in the industry.

Then we'll send you the results!


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  • Upvote this opp and I'll reach out to people in this industry to see if there is widespread demand.



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over 4 years ago

I have made an App that is close to this, is it possible for me to contact the submitter? Just subscribed :)


over 5 years ago

I would like to connect to the writer.


about 5 years ago

Very nice idea! We will work together and we can work out a solution that most auto shop owner can relate. just add to my username to contact me.