White papers company needs software that can organize and track the ideas/weights of the stakeholders

"I am a mechanical engineer working at a conceptualization (white papers) company. The papers range from technology to process improvements.

When coming up with concepts, each person has their own ideas/weights of the product concepts/white papers. The data is gathered and stored on whiteboards or home grown software (excel). This leads into stakeholders needing to have a higher weight than the employees working on the project. When this data is collected, sometimes the originator is lost (stakeholder) and the intent (path forward) as well. This seems easy, but people are ever changing as the day goes on and the weight gets lost in the communication and sometimes the path as well when the data is changing without records.

Stakeholders are busy and meetings cost time and money. So having a way to organize and track the ideas/weights of the stakeholders and have that feed back real time would reduce rework and save time. This software would track a project from the beginning to the end and record who is adding/changing the requirements. For example, if the engineer wants the white paper to record the product as blue and the VP wants the final product being green, the product should be green. But the records only show color and not the originator, more likely it will remain the same because the missing information. Right now, we use home grown applications (Excel) that are not real time and people forget to close/save the work. Also, random information is put into the Excel and no one knows where it came from. Having a way to track and communicate what the path is, is key.

If the software was tailored to the needs of the company, I would buy it."

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over 5 years ago

this sounds interesting! I'd like to learn more about your existing process and excel spreadsheets used to help craft a unified and realtime solution with proper paper trail of who-said-what. Reach out if you'd like to chat further!