University researcher needs to keep track of different lines of rice through generations

"I work in agricultural research at a major university. Specifically, rice breeding.

We need a better method to keep track of the different lines of rice throughout generations. We need to be able to assign a unique ID to the F1 progeny which stays with it through generations.

The software should also keep track of what generation the line is.

I would pay for this software."

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almost 3 years ago

Sounds interesting! I'd love to learn more about what you currently do to track lines of rice, and any ideas you had for implementation. Reach out if you'd like to chat!


about 3 years ago

Hi, We run a membership site, all the information is fully customizable though, so no reason why it couldn't be tailored to store information on different lines of rice. Our organization setup uses a tree structure, so I'm pretty sure this could fit you well with your hierarchical data. We have a free tier pricing as well, feel free to check us out, and contact us through our site, or when you sign up and I can help you get this setup: Best regards, Stephen