College department head has trouble assigning tasks to lecturers, and checking if they have taken a course.

"Currently I work in a college as a departmental in-charge. My duty is to supervise all the lecturers in my department, co-ordinate all the classes and monitor the quality of the classes taken.

The major problem I face at work is the failure to communicate properly regarding the lessons management. It becomes really confusing for me to assign topics to each faculty and to monitor if they have taken classes on those topics.

If I had software which could be used to assign these tasks to each faculty, my work load would be reduced. The software would contain an option for the individual teachers to update after they have taken the class.

If I had a chance to buy such a software, I would definitely do it."

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almost 3 years ago

This is an interesting problem.I have worked on text analysis and machine learning for the past 3 years and am programming since 8 years.I would love to get in touch and discuss. ,