Restaurant manager wants to track inventory usage and then auto order to replenish supplies.

"I work in restaurant management.

A problem I face at work is ordering inventory. I still have no idea why there isn't basically an auto-order type set-up for food and beverage. If I can press a button and get laundry detergent sent to my house, there has to be a way.

The software I want would basically take the inventory, then subtract daily usage. Over night the software would run and the next morning the software would auto order whatever was below the par level from the specified vendors. There would be some initial set-up involved, but that HAS to be easier than the 12 hours we spend on this every week. I think you'd set the system up, input the current values of all inventory, then the software would pull register data every night, calculate, then order. When the order arrives, someone inputs the values of what was actually received. Rinse, repeat. Day in and day out.

I would pay for this software. I was paying $129.99 a month for an app/software that monitored usage in the bar area. That's it. Didn't order, didn't do anything else, just told me, "Hey, you used 13.72 bottles of Jack Daniels last week."


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3 months ago

Nice idea. Do you think that a lot of restaurant owners face the same problem?


3 months ago

I'd love to take a stab at this. Opps, can you connect me to the writer?


2 months ago

I'm interested in this. Please connect me to OP :)


29 days ago

Does not suffice your requirements?


about 1 month ago

I have +17 years building software. i'm interested on talk about this!