University housing needs to interface with enrollment data so they don't have to manually check housing

"I work in Higher Education.
The problem we face is one from the Housing side of the university. The Housing software does not interface with the university's enrollment/student data. So, many times per semester they have to go in manually and check enrollment of students to be sure they do not have folks living there who are not enrolled in school.

We could greatly benefit from software that could pull data from the University's system and cross reference with our residents to quickly get a report for who is enrolled.

Yes, we would pay for this software."

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about 3 years ago

Hi, Our membership solution would be able to track your current student residents for you. We offer custom integrations to our system as well, such as adding a check against your enrollment database. This however is entirely dependent on if and how this database is accessible. Check out our solution and contact me through our site if you are interested in a custom quote for integration, or contact me and we can discuss this further: Best regards, Stephen