Independent auto seller needs to get truck pricing data reaching farther back than 15 years.

"I'm currently working in the automotive sales industry (independently).

I work with my stepfather and we have several issues. The main one is pricing the vehicle. We look on the Kelly's Blue Book website and the prices you can search only go back 15 years! That is a huge issue because we are buying, fixing up, and reselling older trucks. Most of them are going to be over 15 years old. We end up just having to google the make and model , but prices vary so much for a wide variety of issues that it's so hard to get a confident fair price. We never know if we are charging too little or how much we can deal without losing.

It would be great to have software that you could put all of the specs in, for older cars, and get a fair price range. I honestly have not found one. They stop at year 1992.

It's hard to say what I would pay. I definitely like to support developers. I feel like I wouldn't pay more than $5 a month or a one time fee of $50."

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about 5 years ago

Hey. I'd be happy to help, though I don't quite understand where you will be getting this data. Do you have this data, but need to it be searchable? Are you asking for a crawler to gather data on vehicles? Or do you have set specifications that determine the value? It seems are you talking a crawler, though this is a fairly hefty job if you want a program to retrieve, sort and then evaluate the price taking into account reputation of the source, data etc. Not to mention to the difficulty of collating data from various sources via a search, then records for such prices may images of scanned documents since it's > 15 years ago, and finally, the problem of inflation when going back that far. sparcut.