Computer networking specialist wants scheduling, billing, and remote control in one piece of software.

 "I work in the computer networking and support industry.

A problem that I face is that there are several separate pieces of software I use in my work. One program for scheduling, one for billing, and one for remote control of computers. The software I want is remote control with built in time management and billing. This would make it so a schedule could be kept, billing could be done, and remote work and all the stats from it would be attached to the billing. It would eliminate 3 pieces of software and having to export/import as much.

A full package software like this would be worth $60,000 to $70,000."

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We'll launch a landing page for the idea, and then email 100 prospective customers in the industry.

Then we'll send you the results!


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  • Upvote this opp and I'll reach out to people in this industry to see if there is widespread demand.



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about 5 years ago

Could we discuss the project? Is it possible that we could have a skype call? My public skype is: libertherme


about 5 years ago

Opps connect me to the poster, I am interested.


about 5 years ago

Hi, I am software developer from Germany. It is quite interesting project for me. Let me know if we can have a Skype call on it. Regards


almost 5 years ago

Hi, This is the requirement can be achieved using of BPM and work flow automation. Please share more details at .We can discuss in detail hereafter. Regards Rajesh


over 4 years ago

Hi, I think we can definitely help. Here at Radiant Interactive, we help companies such as yourself with design/development (web and mobile) as well as; data architecture, design, development, and integration. You can check us out at: Do you have time to connect this week so we discuss your needs in greater detail? Feel free to contact me directly at: Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you!