Software developer wants dependency graph for developing software.

"I'm a Software Developer,

There are a bunch of projects we want to complete. Doing so requires me to inform a couple of other teams so that they can solve more fundamental problems so that we can finish our projects. Sometimes things change and I have to find and notify the right people, and tell them that there are now more of the fundamental problems or that there are now different ones.

I keep track of this dependency graph manually, and sometimes I make a mistake. Something that would prevent me from making a mistake and that would make managing this easier would be cool.

Mentally, it's a directed graph and you sort of flood-fill out of the node where the change is occurring. Just knowing which other things are affected would be enough.

This sort of sounds like something I should be able to do with project management tools but I haven't figured out how to do it yet. 

I would pay for a solution that solved this problem."

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