Archivist needs to easily add meta data to each document, and provide better access.

"I work as an Archivist in the special collections of a University Library.

A challenge I face at work is the digitizing of our complete collection. Specifically, I spend a lot of time individually adding meta data to each kind of document. Additionally, we need to our collection at a national level so that more people can access it. There currently isn't a system that combines it with libraries. Our university is all in one, but most archives collections are not.

I need software that can add meta data to each type of document easier. Additionally I need to be able to give more access to the people, while spending less manpower, money and time on providing this access.

I would definitely pay a subscription fee of $50+ a month that helped with this, however I'll have to clear it through the university."

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almost 5 years ago

This is not a clear explanation of what you need but I'd be willing to discuss it further if you're still looking for a solution.


about 5 years ago

Hi, Our membership solution can be used for archiving meta data. We have a multi-user system that would allow access/restricted access, to various other groups of people. Please contact me through our site or sign up on our free tier and I can help you get this setup: Best regards, Stephen