Artist needs software to resize his work for multiple platforms

 "I'm in the field of visual art.

Whenever I create something, I need it to size for different media. This involves looking up instagram dimensions, facebook banner dimensions, and many more.

I'd like software that would resize my work for me so that it fits on many platforms. Also, and most importantly, it should come up with suggestions for how to adjust my designs to fit each medium and give me auto-generated choices to make it quicker.

I would pay 10 dollars a month forever."


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  • Upvote this opp and I'll reach out to people in this industry to see if there is widespread demand.



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about 1 month ago

Isn't Snappa fulfillling this?


about 1 month ago

Great find! If this person isn't locked into a particular design software, this could be a great fit. When I start analyzing these opps, I'll put snappa in the competition section.


19 days ago

Wow thanks for recommend, cool tool, I need it for Youtube thumbnail. (I am not the submitter of this post)


18 days ago

I built a rudimentary tool that creates logo's in different sizes ( I could adapt this to make different sizes of images, such as "Instagram Image" and "Facebook Banner". What are some of the other sizes you'd want?


4 days ago

Very similar, free