General Contractor wants to track purchase orders, payments and invoices using the bitcoin blockchain

"I work as a General Contractor in the Construction Industry.

A major problem I face in my work field is the difficulty in the manual tracking of purchase orders, payments and invoices in relation to specific jobs and cost codes. 

I believe there is going to be software that will incorporate the bitcoin blockchain public ledger interface to record all transactions and PO's in relation to projects and cost codes. I think that the blockchain technology is here, it is just up to a software engineer to implement it to help in different use cases.

I would pay 10,000$ for the software but I am sure others in my industry would be willing to pay more. It would facilitate work greatly."

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over 5 years ago

Hi, Tracking of tracking of purchase orders, payments and invoices along with notification can be achieved using integration and Activity monitoring along with Mobile UI for notification . Are you using bitcoin as currency for payments? Please share more details at can discuss in detail hereafter. Regards Rajesh


over 5 years ago

What do you currently do to track this? Excel? Pen and paper?


over 5 years ago

Opps I am interested, connect me to the poster