Online seller needs quickbooks plugin for amazon

"I am a 6 figure amazon seller.

We use Quickbooks for our accounting and have looked at all the major providers. Quickbooks does not provide direct integration into Amazon, so despite it's capabilities, pretty much all it can see from your Amazon account is the money deposited into your account. This is problematic because amazon subtracts all its fees off the top of your sale price so you can't use the transfers as "revenue" and you you don't see the costs. Therefore I have to log in and do journal entries for each month to make the numbers correct. It also means I have zero granular info in quickbooks for sales, inventory, and details on revenue and cost. 

Quickbooks has plugins for lots of services and there are several for Amazon but they're all $100+ / month which is 5x what I pay just for Quickbooks. They also require a lot of setup and don't necessarily always work that well. If I could pay $20 - 40 / month for a Quickbooks to Amazon plugin that pulled my data in and synced everything I would happily do so. There are 1,000's of amazon sellers that would as well. This is a major complaint among sellers I know. "

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over 5 years ago

I would love to help, my email: (submitter probably won't see this, I am not sure but I am gonna provide it here anyway) Cory can you help me contact with this person? thank you very much!


over 5 years ago

I'd be interested in working on this, what's the process for getting started here?