Company needs document library to speed up RFP/RFB process

"My day job is in the field of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring. We provide software to government agencies who use it to collect data related to the air quality. We are primarily support for this product. I am also a software developer for this company.

There are a few problems I face at work that come to mind, I could go on and on about government invoicing, but I will go with the RFP/RFB process, as I think there is a potential product that could be developed which would be useful to MANY people. When an RFP/RFB is issued, there are usually a series of questions / features that the submitting company must answer. Usually these are about experience or about the product offered. For example "Product offered must do X Y and Z" - and then the response written must show how each of these are accomplished. But, you see, in a niche field we do a lot of different things, yet are always answering 90% of the questions with the same cut and paste stuff from manuals, other RFPs, etc.

I think the software would be lovely if it was - instead of a document library, a partial document library. Something that is an easily searchable - back-end database - that can store text and images together. So if I need to find how best to respond how we accomplish X in the RFP, then I just search for X, in the database, click a single button to copy to the clipboard, and then paste in the word document response. It would be wonderful to have additional features like:

  1. Submit a Word Document or PDF to the system and it users headers and style changes to estimate where breaks in content are. Then it offers the user a way to manage these break points, ultimately allowing them to import PARTS of the document and give them specific headers.
  2. Documentation of the source files.
  3. Directory monitoring for updates of common files (like if a new version of the manual is available, it would be great if the software were proactive and said "Hey! Do you want to import this new version of the document?)
  4. Finally, a way to READ an RFP and propose to the user several responses.

I would pay for this. I would do everything to convince my company to buy a fully featured system for $1000. It would pay for itself in a single response. I would be certain that the basic features could sell for $250-$500."

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CTO of Bid Ops here -- we're building an automatic RFP generation product and doing product interviews right now to tailor it to the right audience. Want to chat? You can email me at [myname] @


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Does this product do what you need: