Individual wants service to actively track down and remove his name from spam lists

"I'm a software developer.

I would pay non-trivial amounts of money on a regular basis for a service that systematically worked to eliminate records of my personal information that are used for marketing, as well as chasing down sources of junk mail and the lists they ultimately draw from.

The value would depend on effectiveness, and on the degree to which the service clearly reported exactly what they did. Calling and unsubscribing from sources of junk mail would be a moderate time-saver, but finding out where they got their names and addresses from and destroying those would be far more valuable.

For the full service, including eliminating the personal records, tracking down the original sources and postal spam lists, providing reports on the steps taken, and providing some concrete time frame like "zero junk mail with your name on it after N months of using the service", I'd pay up to $79/month.

For a much weaker service, where I can still send in pictures of junk mail or reports of specific "personal information" "services" and not have to go through their unsubscription process myself, but without shutting down the underlying sources where they get their lists/information from, and only ensuring no more junk *from the same sources* (e.g. "if you send us a picture of a Foo catalog, you'll stop getting Foo catalogs"), I'd pay around $15-20/month, or perhaps $1/mail."

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