Online clothing seller needs help determining price points

"I am an entrepreneur with my own business selling clothing items that I make.

A problem I face at work is determining price points. There are a lot of factors that go into pricing a product and it can be difficult to do so.

The software would have to be able to calculate the total cost of materials and time to make the item, but also take into consideration the competition and the price people are willing to pay for that kind of item. It would need to calculate a price that is both profitable and would have a large enough customer base.

I would pay for this. Maybe $50 for unlimited access. Or a few dollars per item to be calculated. This is a big issue for small shops, crafters, and artists. We are all pretty much guessing and hoping. :/ "

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We'll launch a landing page for the idea, and then email 100 prospective customers in the industry.

Then we'll send you the results!


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  • Upvote this opp and I'll reach out to people in this industry to see if there is widespread demand.



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almost 5 years ago

seem fun, love to help (my email: let's talk about it~ submitter probably won't see this comment, but if Cory you can help me contact with him/her, that would be great, much appreciate!