VP of operations for new athletic apparel brand wants to scan and keep track of store inventory #'s

"I am the VP of Operations for a new athletic apparel brand.

We sell our gear online and in mom and pop stores around the east coast.

A problem we face is that all of the inventory that goes to the mom and pop stores is there on consignment . We have to manually keep track of each store in a separate excel sheet, while managing our master inventory spreadsheet list. We looked into using Quickbooks, but it does not allow us to audit different stores and manage the inventory the way we need it to do.

In an ideal world, we would have software that we could use anywhere that had internet connection where we could scan and keep track of store #'s instead of having to go into their stores and manually audit, and would then pull that information into a document that we could give to that retailer as an invoice. Right now I do all of that manually and have not found a software that can do what I need it to do.

I would pay alot of money for something like this if I could find it because it takes up so much of my time to have to do these things and literally manage dozens and dozens of excel sheets with hundreds of tabs and thousands of UPC numbers. I would be interested in talking to someone about this, but ultimately it would be the decision of my boss to decide if he wanted to pay someone to do figure out how to do it. He writes the checks, so it would be up to him!"

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over 3 years ago

Hi. I believe we could help. In Sperantus (www.sperantus.com) we developed a web-based Inventory management system called Stock&Trace (www.stockandtrace.com). You could have each store setup with a different user/pass. Each one can scan receipts and shipments (with a regular bar code scanner or with their phone and a $70 bluetooth scanner) and you have real time visibility. There are many other features that may be helpful: move product from a main whse or factory to each store, handle returns and take photos-notes on shipments and receipts. Some automatic email notifications are there as well: when product ships, when a replenish level is reached, when product is received. The pricing is based on concurrent users. So you could have 50 stores, one user per store, but pay only for perhaps 20 concurrent users (logged in at the same time). Read -only users are free & unlimited. Let me know if you want to discuss in more detail. My name is Claudio Arriola. (619)-630-7638. claudio.arriola@sperantus.com.