Manufacturer needs software to handle communication around non-conformance materials

 "I work in the field of manufacturing, research and design.

The problem we are facing is that of our nonconformance materials. When we have a questionable component it goes on hold and it can take a long time to get an answer on whether it can be reworked and waivered, or if it needs to be scrapped. Currently everything we do is on paper, and there are many carbon copies of discrepancies. These are physically handed off to other divisions and there is no way other than emails and calls to influence turn around time.

I'd like software that can shorten the time between one division and another, and make the issues and time it has been waiting visible to everyone. This might give accountability for better turnaround time.

Depending on what else the software is capable of doing I would be able to allocate around 50k per year for usage and maintenance contract."


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26 days ago

Where do the non-conformance materials come from? Is it just for things that turn out to be the wrong type of material/item?


7 days ago

hi, It would be great to learn more about this. I have a lot of experience in the eCommerce world and have dealt with SAP CRM and ERP integrations in the past, as well as extensive and complex workflows. Would love to discuss further.


21 days ago

Sounds doable. I'd need to learn more about your existing processes and what you have envisioned this doing. It sounds like automated email and phone calls might help the process. Reach out if you'd like to discuss further!


11 days ago

I'd like to be connected to the poster please!