Construction bidder needs software to help read blueprints, calculate material costs, and suggest a bid

"The job / industry that I currently work in is drywall finishing/ job bidder in the construction job industry.

A painful problem that I face in my work that could be solved by software is when I'm reading the blueprints and having a really hard time figuring out a bid for the certain job.

The software would be able to figure out what type of drywall is being hung where in the job. It would allow me to know how much of each material to buy and how much I should bid  on the job per sq footage.

I would definitely pay for this software. Probably around $1,000 based on if it was really accurate and gave out quality bid numbers and wasn't buggy or anything like that. It would be a life saver if I could get software like this."

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check out plangrid at


over 5 years ago

Hey mymotta! Thanks for mentioning this! I've gone ahead and added it to the competition section above.