Printer needs better scheduling of equipment in small printing business

"I work in Quick Printing/Digital Printing/Prepress & Graphic Design

A problem that we face is scheduling - everything is needed right away but there are different lead times and also conflicts/bottlenecks when everyone needs the same machines all at once for rush jobs, but other times the machines are standing idle because nobody knew the other department would be needing them, so the rush and conflict is often completely unnecessary.

We need a good scheduling program, that would show the whole block of time needed for each stage & what piece of equipment would be required, at a glance, with color coding or other ways of quickly & visibly distinguishing them, so that schedules could be rearranged like train cars or airplane flights on "the big board" - that would prevent SO many mistakes, rush charges, overtime salary, and so much misery, stress, and frustration that loses customers and causes so much turnover among staff in the printing business.

Honestly, a program like this would be worth a king's ransom! - but printing company owners are notoriously unwilling to invest in their businesses, even for necessary repairs, so it would have to be cheap at first, until they could see how valuable it would be - like Adobe or Preflight. A thousand dollars, at least - but it might be more viable as a subscription, with a month or two trial to start with.

A "lighter" version of it would be immensely helpful for individuals as a more sophisticated Calendar App, which would not need as many layers of interconnection perhaps, but could be shared so that multiple people working on the same projects, or in the same department, could coordinate their actions more easily. 

I've tried Google Calendar and other scheduling/synch programs to try to stay on top of multiple duties involving multiple projects on multiple pieces ofequipment, with multiple dependencies on OTHER persons working with me, and I always ended up going back to paper/spreadsheets/whiteboards with colored dry erase markers. For a personal version, I would pay up to $50, possibly double, IF! I knew it A) would work as needed, B) would continue to work and not stop or be revised into unusable state, like so many of the Task/List apps out there."

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