Financial planner wants software that monitors a person's spending in the weeks before a plan is established

"I currently work in financial advisement and planning, and it requires a substantial amount of face to face contact and computer simulations.

With many clients, you have to provide a unique financial plan, and the plan revolves around a common goal for the client. However, I find many clients either hide their debt obligations or propose an excess amount of income resources.

For many clients, it would help to have a financial adviser software that monitors a person's spending in the weeks before a plan is established. I recommend a software similar to the automotive insurance industry. Many insurance company's offer discounts to safe drivers by examining their driving behavior. The empirical data provides a realistic expectation. Like insured drivers, most people have different emotional reactions connected to their spending habits. The software should evaluate both a client's spending habits, current resources, employment, social life, and personal psychological analysis.

The software should be provided at a cost of 40 dollars per client or a monthly subscription rate with FICO score indicator. It would help to create an unbiased solution between financial institutions and clients."

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over 4 years ago

I am currently working on a startup that can help you and your needs, and we have a working product that you can use. At the moment, we are in beta and would be more than glad for you to use our product for free. How can we get in touch? My email is


over 4 years ago

Hi, I am software developer from Germany. It is quite interesting project for me. Let me know if we can have a Skype call on it. Regards


over 4 years ago

I'm very interested in this idea. We can leverage the same system that uses. Let me know and we can get started right away