Tradeshow event planner needs custom event management flow

"I work as a tradeshow event planner.

Oftentimes we have a lack of visibility of all the projects we are working on as a team, and details slip through the cracks. Recently we forgot to confirm with a vendor and had they not followed up with us, we wouldn't have had chairs at the event.

We need a project management software to help us track conversations with outside clients and internally among ourselves. We would need the ability to have multiple viewers and interactions as well as approval levels. This would give everyone visibility. Having a template for each project would ensure nothing was forgotten.

For a company my size, for all 50 of us to use the software, we would likely pay up to 1000 a month, or more if there was a front end for customers to use and communicate with us, as well as our sets to get organized. "


Market Size

    • Linkedin Results
    • Tradeshow: 92.5K results

    • Ibis industry stats
    • Revenue: $14bn 
    • Annual Growth: 1.6% 
    • Employment: 84,001 
    • Businesses: 4,938




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about 1 month ago

I would love to work on this idea.


about 1 month ago

I think i already wrote you mail about this Opps. I have good solution for that problem, so it would be great if you could connect me to the writer


24 days ago

From reading the response: Seems that a lot of the vendors have outdated technology. I would approach the problem with created an automated call system in Twilio to bridge the gap.


21 days ago

Sounds like a pain of a problem! But i'd love to work with you on a solution to this. Reach out if you'd like to discuss further!