Life coach needs to remind clients of their assignments and appointment times

"I am a life coach that is employed by a company.

The problem I face at work is that clients either don't show up to the scheduled meetings because they forgot or once they are there, they say they forgot to do the assignments that were assigned to them.

I need software that will automatically remind them of their assigned action steps each day until they are completed and also remind them of their appointment times.

I would pay around $100 a month for up to 60 coaching clients."


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7 months ago

I would like to connect to the writer.


6 months ago

Hey, have you connect with the writer? not trying to compete or anything, just interesting to know, I mean this comment is made 9 days ago


6 months ago

so basically a web app that can send SMS to client to remind them assignments and appointment times. I think there are a product call appointment reminder or something like that. never used that. but may be suit your need. not sure.


6 months ago

Ooplist can you connect me with the original poster?


about 2 months ago

Is there still interest in this? I have a unique solution that could be slightly customized to make this work better.