Police officer needs software that can scan a license and automatically populate a traffic stop form.

 "I work in Law Enforcement.

A problem that I face is the amount of time it takes during a traffic stop to complete the paperwork. Driver's licenses and registrations already have bar codes on them. An officer should be able to just scan both the registration and the license and have the software automatically populate the traffic stop form for them. This would save a lot of time.

Indirectly as a taxpayer I would support the purchase of software for police departments to cut down on the amount of time an officer is completing paperwork."


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about 1 month ago

This looks very promising. If my assumption is right, you have only few versions of the registration papers, so you create few templates for opencv, connect it with nodejs + socketio and vuala, officer takes photo, it gets send to backend, python will take out all the information needed, saves to db, node fills up paperwork and send it back to officer. And if there's some kind of db where you can match the bar code to persons information, it's even easier. Where can i sign up for this? :D


about 1 month ago

Hi apprryx! While the individual who posted this didn't seem too keen on working on the problem, I definitely think this is worth exploring. I think there are a slew of unsolved problems in law enforcement. I'll upvote this Opp and if it gets to the top I'll reach out to some officers to validate!


28 days ago

Great, thank you. BTW, if i can suggest something, this is all great work, but if someone reply to a comment, it would be good to get some kind of notification :) Great job, thank you for this site and all related stuff.


22 days ago

We actually had this product under development for our city police department. We have a demo version, but development has been on hold recently. I'll throw in at least one data point that validates this need :-). If anyone is interested in seeing the product in action (it was a mobile app), we might be able to set up a demo. I'm new to OppsList, so I'm not sure of the best way to interact. I'll have some material collected and put on a public site. -CJ


24 days ago

Isn't Node the backend? Why do you need Python?


23 days ago

Python with opencv lib to "process" the images. It seemed to me that it would be better for this task, node has opencv "wrapper" which IMHO takes more resources. It could be entirely writen in nodejs, but i would like to test if it would be efficient enough, performance wise. The best solution would be ofcourse to use C/C++ for the image processing, but it depends on how much data we want it to process.