Accountant wants company wide financial reporting system

"I work in the Financial Industry as an accountant for a company.

A problem we face is the attention to detail when it comes to dealing with all the different departments in the company as it grows and acquires more parts.

I wish we had a program that was a company wide program. The program would be installed in all departments. This software would allow each department to upload their financial information. This information would then be easily reviewed by the accounting department without needing to call each department in order to keep all information up to date. 

I would pay out of pocket for this software. It would be worth my salary three times over for it. It would save our department so much time and effort."

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over 5 years ago

i'm guessing the problem is less about collecting the data, and more about the lack of a standardized format for the financial information (since data collection could easily be solved with a shared dropbox folder). So, the app would have to let accounting dept specify the format (fields in the form) that each dept needs to follow, and then run the calculations.


about 5 years ago

I'm quite certain that this already exist. The problem is often that the implementation is costly since it most likely requires you to switch accounting software and re-educate a lot of staff, and will require consultants to implement.