Fertilization clinic needs to resolve paperwork issues, as well as improve embryology and andrology charting

"I work in the medical field, specifically in reproductive endocrinology and in vitro fertilization.

In our clinic, we have a major paperwork issue that I believe could be solved by electronic medical record software. Also in the laboratories, embryology and andrology specific software for chart recording would improve workflow and allow patients to have access to their developing embryos and test results.

Software would make our companies more eco-friendly and efficient, while improving work flow and communication issues.

I would not personally be responsible for paying for the software, I can assume that our owners would pay thousands of dollars for software to solve these issues."

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over 5 years ago

would love to chat with this person to get more detail and see if I can help. If you are submitter please contact me at guokrfans#gmail.com.