Online seller needs software to tap into amazon and ebay and get current sales data

"I own an eCommerce business, in which I purchase items at wholesale and sell them on Amazon. I also buy items to flip on eBay and Amazon.

A painful problem I have is that I have to manage too many different spreadsheets, calculators, modules etc. to see potential profitability after all fees, shipping, COGS, etc. 

The software would be able to tap into both Amazon and eBay to get current sales data, how many of each item are available and give me information that would help me make an informed purchasing decision. I would also like to be able to create batches where I can show an expected profitability for the batch of goods, and a status for the batch - is the batch merchant fulfilled or will it be shipped to amazon - and if it is to be shipped to amazon - what is the status as far as, still in house, en route to Amazon, delivered to amazon. I have had software that does some of this, but as far as inventory valuation, I could only get info on what was in inventory at amazon. I would like to know the profitability of inventory as it sits here, is en route, and is in inventory at amazon. As far as the eBay part, I do a spreadsheet for these things, but there again, it is a separate thing that I have to go look at, and I have to constantly update it myself, versus any automation by being connected to my eBay shop. I would love to be able to see things like my inventory and sales in one place. 

I would pay $100 or more a month for this. I paid $49/mo for a software that did a fraction of these things."

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over 5 years ago

Sounds interesting, let me know more details. I am up for working on this.


over 5 years ago Gives insights into sales and inventory across vendors. Not sure this could help?